Horsens100, 100 Miles, May 4th 2019

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Reserve the date May 4th, 2019


Why not begin the adventure – and sign up for Horsens100.

A 100miles ultra race. Although 100 miles may seem like a long distance and admitted it requires preparation, dedication and willpower to complete that distance. Then I challenge you to attend.

The organisers

We are a group of ultra runners who have completed a lot of ultra races which with passion has guided us to create this race, which focused on high quality.

A unique race with lasting experiences and high security for all the participants.

The route

A 100 miles 160.9 km. race on a beautifully varied route in and around Horsens. The route goes by beautiful Nørretrand, with Denmark’s most versatile birdlife, around Denmark’s only mountain chain “Owner Mountains” with Yding Skovhøj, Møllehøj and of course a tour of Ejerbavnehøj’s tower. Not to mention the beautiful areas of Torp, Stensballe, Bjerre and Klokkedal.

A delight to the eye and a challenge to the legs. The route will be an 80 km round, which must thus be passed twice for the 100miles participants. With start and pivot point in the clubhouse in Åbjergskoven / Bygholm lake.

50 miles

If you are adventurous but think that 50miles are more appropriate, that’s also an option.


Follow the path here: https://www.traillife.dk/races-263/horsens-100-50-100-miles-p1674

Practical information

Start address Åbjergskovvej 6, 8700 Horsens
Start time 100 miles: at. 8:00
50 miles: at. 12:00
Finishing As the start – access to bath
Depots There are manned depots at every 10 km, liquid posts at every 5 km
Watermarks by churches, shopping facilities are marked on the map
Max Time To get an official time you must complete the 100 miles within 26 hours
Start in 2nd round at the latest within 12 hours and 19 hours at the 75miles / 120km mark
Marking of the route The route is marked
Logbook A logbook is kept at each depot, so remember to sign in / out
Race HQ Phone Number for Race HQ is printed on the bib number
Mandatory equipment You are responsible for carrying out the distance yourself, therefore you are sure to have your own preferences for equipment, energy (type and amount) and clothing. However, it is recommended that you carry a backpack with space for water (bottles or water bladder), any extra shirt, wind / waterproof jacket, handed card, and a mobile phone (mandatory; must be used in case of emergency).

Additionally a foil/carpet in case you have to wait for help
Please bring a small light bulb – can be placed in a drop bag.
Bring a folding cup, as we have only one-time screws in the depots. And a small fifth is to have lumens or the like in the backpack

Rules when participating

  1. The runners must follow the rules of the race management at all times
  2. The route on the map supplied must be followed at any time. If you by mistake runs incorrectly (more than 1 km), please contact the delivered Race HQ phone number
  3. However, it is allowed to deviate from the route for shopping purposes, visits to the toilet, water filling
  4. It is permissible to be accompanied by supporters – assistance may only be provided at the depots; It is a good ultra-tradition that all runners, own supporters, assist each other along the way
  5. The individual runner is responsible for bringing the map delivered
  6. Drop bags can be driven to the following depots: There will be a number of boxes in the start/finishing area
  7. The boxes will be labelled with a deposit number. Remember to label drop bags with your starting number. Deadline for submission is at. 7:00
  8. Mandatory equipment. Reflex vest for the night. There must be a functional mobile phone with Race HQ phone number encoded – see also recommended equipment above
  9. Start number/bib number must be worn visible
  10. If you have to expire, you should contact Race HQ immediately, which will arrange for pickup and transport to the destination. However, please except waiting time
  11. If you meet a runner who has been out of accident, it is expected that you help to the extent that the situation is clarified and that you will call for help > Race HQ
  12. However, the race management is entitled to take runners out of the course if they consider that it is not safe to keep the person continuing
  13. Participation takes place on our own responsibility, and when we use public roads, traffic rules must be observed
  14. There must be care for nature, so ALT must waste at home or throw in waste racks. This is the individual runner’s responsibility
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