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iMessage is the way forward

As people spend more and more time in their messaging apps chatting with friends and family, conducting business, and exchanging information, there are a few categories of apps that jump immediately to mind as perfect iMessage apps. Apps that facilitate sharing, turn-based games, and anything that requires coordination between two or more people all make sense as a layer that sits on top of the communication that Messages facilitate.

I love sharing GIFs with my friends, but leaving Messages to find the right one sometimes feels like more trouble than it’s worth. I recognize this is the utmost in laziness, but when you’re in the flow of a conversation, poking around in another app looking for the right reaction GIF is a pain. By the time you find what you want, the moment has passed.

StickerPack for iOS

I do love running, trail and ultra runner – and by that, I figure out to combine that. So why not show it… in illustrations, in artwork, in images… or why not in videos. So my first attempt in the iOS sphere was to compile an iMessage Sticker Pack with some cool GIF. The first edition contains 18 great looking – animated versions is in the making.

Have a passion for running or to find that fascinating trail or just the untouched feeling of total harmony and the absolute silence that only a deep forest can bring.

When returned send out signals about what you just discovered. Grap a good cup of coffee and dig into my universe > and even better grab this Sticker Pack for iOS.



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